10 Most Popular Board Games 2018

The most popular board games today are a mixture of new hits and classic favorites. Sorry and Connect 4 are still just as popular as the new favorites like Qwirkle and Catan (which we’ll tell you about below), so if you’re looking for the top board games to have in your board game collection, have a look at the top picks on our list.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Board Game

Before you choose a board game, here are a few things to think about so you make the right selection for your gaming needs.

  • Who Is Playing? Are you looking for a family-friendly game, something to play with coworkers, a drinking game for friends or something that is appropriate for children?

Adults can easily enjoy any game with kids, but it’s harder for kids to enjoy or understand games that are designed for adults (and some games aren’t appropriate for kids).

  • Preferences. It’s good to know everybody’s preferences when selecting. Games that appeal to those with a crude sense of humor won’t appeal to some, while other expect a humorous game rather than one that requires critical thinking/ strategy.

Think about the type of games that the group might like to play together, how well everyone knows each other and the overall playing style of those who will participate as you choose.

  • Players and Playing Time. Will you be playing in teams or as individuals? Do you need an even number of players or small groups

The playing time is also important. Short games will last around 30 minutes, and longer games can last up to 90 minutes.

Top 10 Popular Board Games Comparison Table

PictureNameRecommended Age / # of PlayersPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameRecommended Age / # of PlayersPriceRating (1-5)
1. Qwirkle Board Game6+

2-4 players
2. Ticket To Ride 8-12

2-5 players
3. Pandemic Board Game 13-15

2-4 players
4. Catan 5th Edition 10+

3-4 players
5. Scattergories Game 13+

2-4 teams
6. Melissa & Doug Suspend Game 8+

1-4 players
7. Hasbro Connect 4 Game 6+

2 players
8. Hasbro Sorry 2013 Edition Game 6+

2-4 players
9. Bounce-Off Game 7+

2-4 players
10. Hasbro Pie Face! Game 5+

2+ players

Top 3 Most Popular Board Games Reviews

1. MindWare MDS 32016W

Qwirkle is a strategic game that the whole family can enjoy. It may look simple, but it will require some forward thinking and tactical maneuvers to help you win.

  • Who Will Enjoy Playing It Most? Families with a mixture of age groups (6-adult). This is a game for individuals, so you can have an uneven number of players and you won’t need to play in teams.
  • How You Play. Each player is given tiles with different shapes on them and a mixture of colors (six colors total). To play, you will build lines by matching tiles based on either color or shape and score points for the number of tiles you are able to use on your turn.

The challenge comes from the restrictions you have when laying out your tiles: if you decide to match the tiles by color, all of the tiles of that color must be a different shape. You can’t duplicate the shapes in a row of tiles that are the same color. The same concept is true if you make a line of tiles that are all the same shape: all shapes must be a different color.

  • What It Teaches. This is a game that will help players learn special recognition, how to plan and to use problem-solving skills.

The best part about this game, and one of the reasons that it is the most popular board game out there, is that it will never be repetitive. Card games and things with written phrases are easy for players to memorize after a while, but not with Qwirkle.

2. Days of Wonder DOW 7201

This game also requires a bit of pre-planning and strategy. The concept is to claim railway routes that will connect cities across North America.

  • Who Will Enjoy Playing It Most? This is great for younger players, ages eight and up, for a family-friendly and competitive game night. No teams required since each individual plays for themselves, making it easy to have an uneven or even number of players.
  • How You Play. You’ll draw a destination ticket that gives you the name of two cities that you need to connect. Your goal is to make the connection (via other cities), which isn’t always simple because of the other players that may claim a part of the route you need to connect them. The longer the route, the more points the player earns. The game ends when the first player runs out of train pieces and then everyone’s points are tallied. For full details and visual demos, check out any tutorials that will teach you all of the rules of the game.
  • What It Teaches. This is a fun, competitive game that requires strategic thinking and planning. It teaches younger players a bit of geography and helps them become more familiar with the major cities.

An excellent game that you’ll enjoy playing over and over again!

3. Z-Man Games ZMG 71100

Save the world from a dangerous Pandemic! The fate of mankind is rests on your shoulders as you play this board game.

  • Who Will Enjoy Playing It Most? This is great for teens and older players since it requires more knowledge of the world and diseases. This is a game where individual players must work together to prevent diseases from overwhelming the world, so it’s all of you against the game itself.
  • How You Play. This game is a challenge and you’ll need to carefully read the instructions (or watch a tutorial) before you begin. Each player has a different strength that is needed (along with other players’ strengths) to help cure diseases.
  • What It Teaches. Teamwork!

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