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10 Best Hard Drives for Gaming 2018

Holding all of the important data, programs and games on your computer can be done with the hard drive of your choosing. If you are an avid gamer, then getting the best hard drive for gaming can mean having faster load times and being able to store

Best Gaming Mouse Under $50 of 2018

While a mouse may seem trivial to most conventional computer users, it’s certainly an important asset to a gamer, providing its user with a host of advantages, from tactical shortcuts to increased clicking responsiveness. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a gaming mouse

10 Best Microphones for Gaming 2018

While the majority of everyday gaming needs can be met with a microphone built into a headset, there are many gamers that need a product that is a little more specialized. To provide buyers who want a free standing microphone or one that can be clipped onto

10 Best Wifi Adapters for Gaming 2018

As convenient as wifi may be, it’s changing and becoming more technologically advanced with today’s wifi adapters offering speed, multi-person connectivity, and portability. Taking advantage of new and improved connectivity and USB technology, wifi adapters have evolved to accommodate the needs of those who need the most

6 Best Power Supply for Gaming 2018

Whether you are building a system specifically for gaming or are making modifications there are plenty of factors to consider. Choosing the best power supply for gaming can be expensive but skimping out on this component can have a negative ripple effect throughout the rest of the

6 Best Soundcards for Gaming 2018

Having the best gaming experience is obviously a top priority for any enthusiast. Ensuring you have the best equipment to enhance the experience and your performance as a gamer should include having a quality soundcard. The best soundcard for gaming is generally only sought after by serious