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10 Best GBA RPGs 2018

Even though the Game Boy Advance is no longer in production it hasn’t lost its popularity with fans from around the world. It isn’t just those that are a little nostalgic but also the younger generation discovering the joys of retro gaming. To guide you through making

6 Best Original Gameboy Games 2018

Getting some of the original Gameboy games is a great way to share your favorite games with your kids or to enjoy some of the games that were part of your very first video gaming experience. When you go to buy one of these games, you might

10 Best Yu-Gi-Oh GBA Games 2018

Welcome, fellow Duelist! We heard you play the game and would like to extend your dueling to your Gameboy Advance. Look no further, because we have just what you need. We’ve scoured near and far, and managed to collect the best Yu-Gi-Oh GBA game options out there so

10 Best Gameboy Color Games 2018

There is nothing quite like playing a game on a Gameboy color, but with so many new consoles and handheld systems, it can be hard to find the best GBC games out there. If you are interested in playing the games rather than collecting them then you

10 Best GBA Pokemon Games 2018

What is the best GBA Pokemon game? With so many, it’s hard to tell. There are the classics, of course, but looking toward new installments of good and exciting games is rapidly increasing, and with the new hype for Pokemon GO, people will certainly be remembering some