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6 Best Capture Cards for Xbox One 2017

For those that are just getting into capturing their gameplay it can seem like a confusing system and choosing between the many available cards is not always straightforward. We have collected together some of the most effective capture cards for Xbox One that will have you recording

10 Best Magic the Gathering Cards 2017

Over 20 million players play the one and only Magic The Gathering trading card game, and the franchise has no intention of slowing down. We are dealing with an incredibly deep strategic card game in which two duelists oppose each other in a duel of total annihilation.

6 Best Card Drinking Games 2017

Drinking and playing cards, it was a favorite past time of cowboys in saloons in the 1800’s and it’s a favorite past time of friends sitting around the living room coffee table in the 2000’s. If you’re looking for the best card drinking games to entertain your

10 Best Card Games for Adults 2017

Card games, whether they’re played with a classic, 52-card deck or played with another type of deck, can provide hours of entertainment for whoever’s playing, but adult card games add an exciting and mature twist to the plot. From games where you have to play with your