Best PS3 Games for Kids 2018

There are countless PS3 games out there to choose from, each with their own theme, type and play and rating. If you are in search of the best PS3 games for kids, then considering all of the features of a game might be overwhelming.

Rather than looking at every spec possible, this guide has only the most important details for you to consider in order to make a decision on which game would be appropriate and enjoyable for your kids.

Important Features in Choosing PS3 Games for Kids

The age of your children will have a big impact on the selection of games that you should be considering. The games that are rated for everyone range from being geared for really young children to being appropriate for the whole family.

Even though the rating for Everyone is a lot of games to sort through and one of the biggest categories, this is where you will find games that you can be sure your entire family can enjoy without any inappropriate content or any scary features. The games with this rating will also often have an indication of the range of age that would find the game most enjoyable, which can help narrow your search.

The Teen rating can be given because of the content of a game or because of the skill required to participate in the game with any kind of success. Teen games however might be suited for mature kids as young as 8. Games like Rock Band have different skill levels that mean younger players can join in too.

Top Ten PlayStation 3 Games for Kids Table

PictureNameRatingPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameRatingPriceRating (1-5)
1. Rock Band 2 - Playstation 3Teen$4.7
2. Little Big Planet 2 Everyone$$4.5
3. Katamari Forever - Playstation 3 Everyone$$$4.5
4. Carnival Island - Playstation 3 Everyone$$$4.3
5. Modnation Racers - PlayStation3 Everyone – Older Kids$$$4.3
6. Start the Party (Motion Control) Everyone - Younger$4.3
7. NBA 2K12 (Covers May Vary) Everyone – Older Kids$$4.1
8. Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One Everyone +10$3.8
9. SingStar Dance Party Pack Teen$$$$3.8
10. Madden NFL 12 Everyone – Older Kids$3.6

What Makes for the Best PS3 Games for Kids

In addition to the rating of the game, which is more of a parental concern, the game needs to be interesting and entertaining for the kids. Consider the following features with your kids in mind to choose a game that they will love to play.

  • Theme. Are the kids that you are buying for interested in music or do they prefer sports? You should consider the interests of your child or of your children collectively. There are games with characters from specific franchises and TV programs as well as those quests that would keep a group of kids in a racing competition for hours.
  • Players. If you are buying for an only child then it might be good to stay away from games that are best with many players like the musical/band games unless they have a lot of friends. Sporting games, quests and puzzles are all great options for single and multi-players alike. This feature often makes these kind of games the best PS3 games for kids.
  • Time. If you plan to limit the amount of screen and play time that your kids have then you should go for a game with shorter quests or tasks like ones that involve short races or singing a single song. This way the game can be stopped and started easily. If you would like to provide hours of fun then a journey game with a world to explore would be ideal.

Top Three PS3 Games for Kids Reviews

1. Rock Band 2

Basically everyone has heard of Rock Band, but Rock Band 2 is on the next level. The tracks have been updated with great instrument quality and the option to upgrade and download new content as desired.

These are all things that make the game incredible to play for hours with no limit to how many songs or difficulties are available. You will need to have or buy the instruments to play this game but you will use them so much that they are more than worth the cost.

Other notable features include the song search options as well as the ability to save band members. You can find songs based on the artist, the year, the genre and more. In terms of saving the band members, this is helpful when more kids will be involved in the fun when not everyone is at the same skill level.

2. Little Big Planet 2

Whether you are an adult, a teen, or a child the Little Big Planet 2v game is incredibly entertaining. As a sequel game, it is similar enough to the original with so many more options and game types to consider.

With so many options, the game can almost seem overwhelming at first but there are plenty of tutorials to show you the way. The fact that you get all of the instruction you need as well as the freedom to be creative is a combination that makes this one of the best PS3 games for kids.

The levels in this game are even more creative and hold even more possibilities than the original. The graphics are more enhanced and the enemies that are created really do what you would expect of them.

3. Katamari Forever

Of all of the Katamari games, Katamari Forever is the best. This game has a lot of the features of the others in the series but with even more to add to the experience so if you were going to get one game then this should be it.

It is incredibly fun to play with different game modes and colorful graphics that make it a good game for everyone to play, including younger children. It is also good for kids when you consider the multiplayer option in competition or co-op options. This means that everyone can get involved without any fighting over who will play next.

You should know that you will get more control in this game than you would with others of the same kind. This means that players can explore further and, therefore, play for longer.