10 Best Party Board Games 2017

One of the best ways to entertain a group of guests at a party is by playing a board game, but due to the infinite choices out there, how do you know which one will be a success?

To have fun and create an unforgettable party, you need to consider your guest’s preferences above yours – from their sense of humor to the general age group and the number of players; there are many things to consider as you narrow down the choices.

Still feeling a little indecisive? Check out our list of the top games that are appropriate for just about anyone. From younger kids and family-appropriate to themes that adults will appreciate, we give you the scoop on some of the best party board games currently in style.

Top 10 Party Board Games Table

PictureNameRecommended AgesPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameRecommended AgesPriceRating (1-5)
1. Indie Boards & Cards The Resistance (The Dystopian Universe)13+$$4.8
2. Czech Games Codenames14+$$4.8
3. Asmodee Cash N Guns Second Edition 10+$4.7
4. Spin Master Quelf Board GameAdult$$$4.6
5. North Star Games Wits and Wagers Party 8+$$4.6
6. The Game Chef Rollick! The Hysterical Team Charades Party Board Game 10+$4.6
7. Spontuneous - The Song Game - Sing It or Shout It - Talent NOT Required8+$$$$4.6
8. PlayMonster 5 Second Rule - Just Spit it Out! 10+$4.5
9. University Games Smart Ass 12+$$4.5
10. PlayMonster What's Yours Like? - The Game That Tells it Like it Is 12+$$4.2

Tips to Choose the Right Board Game for Your Crowd

What you consider to be the best party board game might not be a hit with everyone else attending, so here are some tips to make sure you choose a definite crowd pleaser.

  • Sense of Humor. Do you prefer a G-rated, PG-rated, PG-13-rated or something a little darker?

The point is to have fun and not offend, and while the latter can happen, at least you can avoid it if you choose a game that is appropriate for the crowd you will be entertaining.

What’s Yours Like?, for example, is approved for kids ages 12 and up, but adults might understand the game’s phrases in a different light, which is why you should be careful with it.

  • Age. Pay special attention to the age limit when you are searching for something that younger players can enjoy. If you get a game that is too advanced, they will end up feeling frustrated and throw in the towel. If you get something too simple, they’ll finish quickly and move on to something else.

Adults can play just about any game, but when it comes to choosing something for kids, make sure you keep it age-appropriate in terms of difficulty.

  • Number of Players. Some board games require an even number of players while others are individual. Do you have a fixed number of guests in mind?

If so, plan accordingly. If not, see if there is a way to adapt the game so you can play with an uneven number of players.

  • Play Time. Our final suggestion is to take a look at the play time of the board game. Games that drag on for hours can put a damper on some parties, but for other groups, it may be just the type of game that the players prefer!


Board games can head in a variety of different directions, and you have to remember that even the best party board games don’t necessarily utilize boards.

The category is broad, and not all games that are appropriate for a party come on a board. We have included a mixture for you in our table since card games also fit in the general “board game” category.

Do you want something that requires:

  • critical thinking
  • singing
  • drawing or
  • strategy?

You can choose from something serious or humorous, just remember that your goal is to entertain the players!

Top 3 Best Party Board Games Reviews

1. Indie Boards & Cards The Resistance

  • Play Time. 30 minutes
  • Number of Players. 5-10

Who is an Imperial Spy? Who is a Resistance Operative? There are both in the game of Resistance.

In this social deduction card game, there are between three to five rounds where both groups compete against one another to take on the corrupt government. To succeed at the game, you will need to be quick-thinking and – strangely enough – a good liar. If you can tell when a person is lying to you, this will also help you greatly! The rules are detailed, so be prepared to dedicate a bit of time to learn them.

Due to the technicality of this game and the attention to detail, we do not recommend it as an adult drinking game. If you have a serious group of guests, on the other hand, this just might be the right fit for the party.

One of the reasons why we recommend it for parties is that this is a no player elimination. If you want to avoid having people feel left out because they are eliminated early on, you don’t have to worry about that with The Revolution. Everyone stays in from the beginning to the end, which is why it is our number one pick!

2. Czech Games Codenames

  • Play Time. 15 minutes
  • Number of Players. 2-8, 4-9

Do you have a clever way of communicating information? If so, Codenames is a great fit!

With the help of their spy master, each team must identify who their fellow agents are based on the word clues they receive. Be the first to identify your team’s agents, and you win the game!

We like that this game has rules for 2-player or 3-player rounds in case the group you’re entertaining is a bit smaller or uneven. Four players are recommended, but if some people prefer to sit the game out, you don’t have to worry about not having enough players to enjoy it.

If you need a game for teens or adults that isn’t rude and crude, try playing Codenames.

3. Asmodee Cash N Guns Second Edition

  • Play Time. 30 minutes
  • Number of Players. 4-8

If you are looking for a fun family-friendly game, then try Cash N Guns. The name may seem violent, but rest assured that it is PG-rated for a younger audience.

The point of the game is to get the most money; you even get your own (foam) gun to stick up your opponent!

For some, this game might promote violence (we can’t all agree on gun usage, even if they are toys), which is why we can’t recommend it as the number one party game for kids. However, if you find that it’s not the right match for the group you’re entertaining, try Wits & Wagers Party Edition or Spontaneous for a crowd that is a bit more demure.

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