6 Best Original Gameboy Games 2018

Getting some of the original Gameboy games is a great way to share your favorite games with your kids or to enjoy some of the games that were part of your very first video gaming experience. When you go to buy one of these games, you might run into some trouble as they are far from being the most highly sought out.

You should consider all of the things that made you love playing your original Gameboy and you will be better equipped to choose the best original Gameboy games available today.

Consider This When Choosing Original Gameboy Games

One of the best ways to choose an original Gameboy game is by the kind of playing that you would like to do. Consider the following types of gaming:

  • Rescue. This is a game with the entire plot based around rescuing another character or an important item. In this type of play, the person using the Gameboy will be playing the role of the rescuer solo. This type is one of the best original Gameboy games for staying occupied or entertained for long periods of time.
  • Puzzle. Puzzle games are what you might picture when someone mentions “the classics.” This kind of game is usually about going through each level with a heightened degree of difficulty. The aim is to get the highest score and reach the highest levels, though there is often never an end to these games. Puzzle games are a great option for hours of mindless playing.
  • Quest. This kind of game is one that you can complete or win, such as a Pokémon game. A quest game is one with lots of new places and levels to explore as you get closer to the finish.

Top 6 Original Gameboy Games Chart

PictureNameGame TypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameGame TypePriceRating (1-5)
1. Kirby's Dream LandRescue$$$4.6
2. TetrisPuzzle$4.5
3. Pokemon: Yellow VersionQuest$$$4.4
4. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Quest$4.4
5. Pokemon - Blue Version Quest$$$$4.4
6. Super Mario Land Rescue$$4.3

Pricing for Original Gameboy Games

Once you have found a specific game, you will need to choose a manner of buying. This will depend on your purpose for the game.

Will you be playing it? Collecting it? Passing it onto your kids?

As original Gameboy games are no longer being made new there are a limited number of brand new games on the market. If you are happy to buy a used version then the price for the games is relatively affordable. If you, however, are after a new game then the price can jump into the hundreds.

The used or new dilemma may also come into play depending on the specific game. In many games there is the option to restart but what about the games that have been saved previously? You should determine whether the game can be reset or whether you can cope with having the high score of a previous owner on the game as you play.

Top 3 Best Original Gameboy Games Reviews

1. Kirby’s Dream Land

For those unfamiliar with the plot of the game, Kirby’s Dream Land is the main character trying to recover the stolen magic twinkle stars that were stolen by an evil king. This kind of classic storyline is just one of the things that makes this game a classic.

Taking on different challenges, you can go through the game as quickly or as slowly as you would like, though the tasks and general quest are relatively easy at first. The game will get harder as you progress.

This would be the perfect game for younger players as well as those looking to relive the days of the original Gameboy games too.

2. Tetris

Tetris is a seriously addictive puzzle game that will take you right back to your youth or act as the perfect way to introduce an old favorite to your kids now. This never-ending game really is more than worth the hours of fun you will have.

The increasing difficulty and speed mean that you will never run out of challenges. This kind of consistent increase as you get better at the game means that it will evolve with your skills.

One of the best things about this game is that many players can take turns on the same game and all try to reach the highest levels of achievement with the highest score.

3. Pokemon: Yellow Version

Pokémon: Yellow Version – Special Pikachu Edition is such a good game in terms of the hours that you can play, the entertainment that you get from the storyline as well as the content that is suitable for all ages.

This all-around winner really delivers in all of the categories you would like it to as one of the best original Gameboy games on the market today. While there are obvious other Pokémon games to choose from, they  all have their differences and choosing one can often be put down to personal preference.

If this game is being bought for a kid that is new to Pokémon, or to older games in general, then there are also books to go along with it and of course the movies and shows to get to know the characters.

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