10 Best Microphones for Gaming 2018

While the majority of everyday gaming needs can be met with a microphone built into a headset, there are many gamers that need a product that is a little more specialized.

To provide buyers who want a free standing microphone or one that can be clipped onto your clothing, we have collected together the top ten microphones available for gamers.

In addition to the list of the best products on the market, there is a range of things to consider when you are making your decision on what microphone that you want for gaming.

Why Opt for a Non-Headset Microphone?

There are several reasons that gamers opt for a more traditional microphone. Some of the most common are the following.

  • Quality. It is very difficult, or expensive, to be able to get the highest recording capabilities into a microphone that is small enough to fit into a headset model. For those gamers that are focusing on recording gameplay and want to have a very clear record of their commentary then a desktop microphone is crucial.
  • More Natural. Every gamer has had the experience of forgetting that they have a microphone on and then they say something embarrassing. This is much less likely to happen when the microphone is set in front of you.  Having a microphone in the more traditional style also makes using it to communicate during a game more natural overall.
  • Using Your Speakers. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting great speakers whilst you are looking for the best microphone for gaming. When you don’t opt for a headset you will be able to use your existing speakers or search for them separately.

If any of these reasons match yours then you should certainly opt for a non-headset option when you are choosing a gaming microphone.

  • REMEMBER – Looks Are Important. All of the microphones that are included on our list are all of the highest quality. That is why the feature that we have included of each microphone is the available color. As these products will be displayed alongside your computer it is important that they look the part.

Top 10 Microphones for Gaming Chart

PictureNameColorPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameColorPriceRating (1-5)
1. Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - Blackout EditionBlack$$$$4.4
2. Antlion Audio ModMic Attachable Boom MicrophoneChoice: black, white, platinum, silver or space gray.$$$4.4
3. D-bird Professional Condenser Sound Podcast StudioBlack and gray.$$4.3
4. Rerii Specialized Stand Alone Condenser MicrophoneBlack, gray and orange.$$4.3
5. VIAS Desktop Condenser Microphone for PCWhite$$4.2
6. Logitech Labtec Desktop Microphone 600 Black$$$3.8
7. VAlinks® Plug and Play 3.5mm Adjustable Home Audio Black$3.7
8. eBerry® Plug and Play Home Studio Adjustable USB Black$3.7
9. Frisby Stand Alone Microphone for PC ComputerBlack$3.5
10. Connectland Goose Neck Tabletop Stereo MicrophoneBlack and red.$3.2

Choosing a Gaming Microphone That Suits You

While there are many different aspects that you can look into when you are choosing the microphone that you will be using for gaming, such as a mute button or an adjustable neck, there are two main points that you need to focus on.

  • Background Noise. The aspect of a desktop microphone that is most often forgotten about is that it is likely to pick up other noises if it is a low-quality model.

Every product that we have included in our list has been specially designed to cancel out background noise and the majority of them will almost never pick up any sound that you don’t want it to.

  • Distance. The worst thing about getting a poor quality microphone is finding that you have to sit a set distance away from it before it will pick up your voice.

It is important to think about your set up and then read reviews on how well the microphone picks up the sound of the gamer. You definitely don’t want to be in the middle of playing and have to reposition for the microphone to pick up your voice.

Top 3 Best Microphone for Gaming Reviews

1. Blue Microphones BLACKOUT YETI

Before you even consider the sound of the Blue Microphones Yeti this product is clearly the best microphone for gaming. It couldn’t be easier to connect, it is ready to work on a huge range of operating systems and it gives gamers complete flexibility.

This model has a special cardioids mode that is great for recording your voice while game streaming but it has three other forms of recording that make this a great purchase for the gamer that wants to use the microphone for all different kinds of tasks.

Finally it is the look of this microphone that convinces buyers that this is the product that they need. It has a retro style that you will immediately love and it will make you feel like you are in an old-fashioned recording studio while you are gaming.

2. Antlion Audio MODMICWOMUTE

The Antlion Audio ModMic is the ideal option for the gamer that already has a quality pair of headphones or wants to use their speakers. The sound quality of this microphone far out performs any gaming headset that is on the market.

It is the flexibility of the microphone that attracts buyers to choosing this product. It can be clipped to any headset and then adjusted into place. If you are not in the position to buy some of the highest quality of headphones then this is a great product that you can attach to the new set once you upgrade your headset.

The use of this microphone also extends to so much more than games and it is easily used for conferences and recording live gameplay. For a great all round and flexible product, there really is no better option.

3. D-bird Professional Condenser Sound

The D-bird is a great all-round option for the gamer that wants a microphone that can be used for many different tasks. It is great for live conferences and at the same time is a quality recorder.

In terms of gaming, this means that you will have an affordable microphone that can provide both game recording possibilities as well as live chat. While it certainly does perform well it also looks great on the desktop with a tripod that allows it to be pointed directly at where you are sitting.

This microphone will pick up your voice from around two or three feet away, which means that it gives gamers a greater deal of flexibility in terms of setup for playing. The D-bird comes at a lower cost but the quality that it provides ranks it amongst the best microphones for gaming available.

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