10 Best Magic the Gathering Cards 2018

Over 20 million players play the one and only Magic The Gathering trading card game, and the franchise has no intention of slowing down. We are dealing with an incredibly deep strategic card game in which two duelists oppose each other in a duel of total annihilation.

The game has produced over 13,000 cards of players to build their own custom decks form, offering the widest variety second only to, perhaps, Yu-Gi-Oh! and rivaling the geek-level popularity of Hearthstone, but among all of these cards are the several that can be marked as the best Magic the Gathering cards on the market and the most powerful.

Here’s a list of the best cards available to the player.

Top 10 Magic the Gathering Cards Comparison Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. Magic: the Gathering - Tolarian Academy$$5.0
2. Magic: the Gathering - Yawgmoth's Will$$5.0
3. Magic: the Gathering - Lightning Bolt$4.9
4. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn $$$4.8
5. Time Walk $4.6
6. Platinum Angel $4.5
7. Demonic Tutor $$4.5
8. Jace, the Mind Sculptor$$$$4.0
9. Black Lotus$4.0
10. Swords to Plowshares$4.0

Top 3 Best Magic the Gathering Cards Reviews

1. Tolarian Academy

A card is deemed good if it has great value. The value is determined by weighing the card’s benefits against its cost to play it, and when it comes to value, Tolarian Academy excels by all standards.

This particular card offers a great boost of speed to any deck it is being played in because it adds two mana for every artifact you command. This is greatly beneficial in a card game like the Magic the Gathering, where your options are limited in one turn (you can play one land card and one other card, usually – depending on your mana pool).

This card removes that limitation and allows to dish out more cards and, eventually, overwhelm your opponent and at relatively low cost.


  • The card has excellent value – low cost and a largely beneficial effect.
  • The card does a superb job at speeding up the deck and allowing you to diversify and expand your turn.
  • Good addition to any deck running a decent number of artifacts.


  • The card is on the official Forbidden list.

This is a wonderful utility card. The low cost it has does the card great merit, and the effect it brings is largely beneficial to any deck with a number of artifacts present. Great opener and wonderful card for speeding up one’s deck and diversifying one’s turn.

2. Yawgmoth’s Will

When talking about card value, you can hardly beat Yawgmoth’s Will. Low mana cost coupled with an overwhelming effect makes this card a powerful utility tool to quickly finish off your opponent. The card allows the player to play all the cards in his or hers graveyard until the end of the turn as if they were in your hand. This means that in late game you can simply overwhelm your opponent with creatures, or destroy him with a barrage of spells. Naturally, this isn’t the type of a card you want to top deck early game, but as the game progresses the power of this card rises steadily. It is great combo card, and it is used effectively in many decks.


  • Excellent combo cards, viable in many deck types.
  • Superb late game value.
  • Excellent utility card for quickly destroying your opponent.


  • The card is a dead draw if top decked early.

Of course, a very small number of cards is perfect, but this card comes very close. Yawgmoth’s Will is a great card to have in any deck, as its amazing effect can really bring the fight to your opponent. Be careful though, as the card doesn’t have much value early game, and requires some skill to set up and properly execute.

3. Lightning Bolt

No matter what game you’re playing there’s only one rule – damage rules. Pure, no-nonsense, matter-of-factual damage is what this card brings, and in brings it with force. At one mana an instant, this card allows the player to strike an opponent’s creature of the opponent himself for 3 damage. This, effectively, puts out of commission most low-to-mid end creatures. The card has great overall value and great flexibility as a removal card; therefore, it is a favorite for many planeswalkers and it is run in many decks of all types.


  • Great value card – costs only one mana and is instant cast, while it deals devastating damage.
  • The card is very ubiquitous and can be used in many decks.
  • Excellent removal card, as it can easily take down a great number of creatures.


  • None.

This is one of the best magic cards set on our list, and it’s not hard to tell why. At just one mana, the three damage the card brings is more than enough for it to quickly become a favorite of many a planeswalker, and the best part is that the card has virtually no downsides.

Final Word

That’s it for our selection of the best magic the gathering cards.

The cards we presented are very powerful indeed, but the main thing about them is that they bring great value. In a game like Magic, card value is a paramount parameter for greatness. These cards have it, and that places them above all others, at the very top of this highly competitive game.