10 Best GBA Pokemon Games 2017

What is the best GBA Pokemon game? With so many, it’s hard to tell.

There are the classics, of course, but looking toward new installments of good and exciting games is rapidly increasing, and with the new hype for Pokemon GO, people will certainly be remembering some of the previous games.

Some may even dust off their old Gameboys and give them a spin, but for those willing to remember their old days of insurmountable glory, we have collected ten names that will certainly fire up your trainer’s instincts and reawaken the lust of adventure in the land of the Pokemon.

Top 10 GBA Pokemon Games Ultimate Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. Yellow Version - Special Pikachu Edition$$$$4.4
2. Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team$$$4.4
3. Pearl Version by Nintendo$$$4.4
4. HeartGold Version$$$4.4
5. Pinball$4.3
6. Sapphire Version$$4.2
7. Ruby Version$$$$4.2
8. FireRed Version $$4.1
9. Leaf Green Version $$4.1
10. Emerald Version $$3.8

Top 3 Best GBA Pokemon Game Reviews

1. Yellow Version

We start the list with an oldie but goodie: Pokemon-Yellow Version.

The game is much the same as its predecessors, Red and Blue, but with few key innovations.

Instead of choosing your starting Pokemon, your starter is Pikachu. The plot of is more akin to the animated TV series, but the game itself retains all the mechanics and gameplay we found so appealing in the past.

It is still the same rock-paper-scissors battle system, only with more Pokemon to choose from and more moves to learn. The game also has a cute new feature – Pikachu’s moods.

It is important to keep Pikachu happy, as the development of the plot sometimes depends on Pikachu’s current mood. The game features 151 Pokemon, although to obtain the all you’ll have to trade with other players via the Link Cable. Using the cable you can also do battle with other players.


  • The game keeps all the basics from the previous installments, but puts in new features like Pikachu’s mood that gives the game additional depth.
  • The Link Cable allows you to connect two Gameboys, and trade and battle other players.
  • The game uses the same gameplay style, making it great for experienced players who don’t like change, or for new players who are experiencing Pokemon for the first time.


  • The new features may not be as appealing to experienced players.
  • The battles tend to repeat themselves.

This is a solid piece of our childhoods, with deep battle tactics plus a few new features that will get even the oldest of the players back into the saddle and try their luck once more to become the World’s Greatest Pokemon Trainer.

2. Mystery Dungeon

How about a game that puts you in a Pokemon’s shoes? That’s right, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team does just that – turns you into a Pokemon.

This game revolves around the fact that you have transformed into a Pokemon, and you form a team of other Pokemon to rescue your fellows from enemies and natural disasters.

The game starts with a personality quiz with a bunch of randomized questions, after which you’re assigned a Pokemon and a tag team partner. Then, you embark on a journey through different, randomly generated dungeons, fighting different wild Pokemon, with the option to recruit them once you’ve beaten them. The game includes loads of missions and loads of legendary bosses to fight, like the legendary birds or Mewtwo, and if you’re a high enough level, you can hire them too.

The game features a similar, but also very innovative battle system that lets you combine your Pokemon’s powers to take down the enemy. Also, the randomized generation of dungeons means that the game has a good replay value.


  • Innovative battle system and game concept.
  • A great number of both friends and foes to recruit and battle.
  • Random generated dungeons give the game a good replay value.
  • Tons of new content.


  • The dungeons can get a little tedious as you progress, as they become bigger and bigger.

This is a great new take on the Pokemon games, so if you’re a hardcore fan in for something new or even a newbie looking to plunge into the world of Pokemon, we warmly recommend this game as one of the best GBA Pokemon games on the market.

3. Pearl Version

A great game with loads of content, Pokemon Pearl Version is a remaster of HeartGold and HeartSilver games. In this respect, the game retains much the same play style and gameplay from its predecessors, but it by no means feels old. The game has loads of new Pokemon to capture and train, and the game has new and improved graphics and 3D models of the Pokemon.

Not only that, but the game uses a real-time night and day cycle that affects the number and type of Pokemon you can capture. In addition, some of the Pokemon moves are modified too, as some become more powerful during different times of day.

We are anticipating your question here and will provide you the answer without you even asking us: yes, the game features a different time of day like dawn, morning, noon and even late night. The gyms are also harder and the Pokemon contests are more elaborate more difficult to win too.


  • A great remaster of an already great Pokemon game, it includes new Pokemon and features.
  • The game has brand new improved graphics and 3D models of Pokemon.
  • The game features a full real-time game cycle.
  • The contests are more elaborate and gyms are more difficult.


  • The game may seem tedious at times when it comes to leveling up your Pokemon in order to take on the gym leaders.

In all, this is a wonderful new game that brings about the feeling of nostalgia for the old games, yet is interesting enough for you to keep on playing because of the graphics and 3D models. The game offers tons of new content and really speaks to Pokemon fans, so if you are one, be sure to check this one out.

Final Word

And that’s it for our best GBA Pokemon game list. As you can see, we included a few classics, as well as some new entries for variety. We hope you find the games to your liking, and that in the near future you’ll be reliving your childhood to the sweet sounds of one of these games.

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