6 Best Capture Cards for Xbox One 2018

For those that are just getting into capturing their gameplay it can seem like a confusing system and choosing between the many available cards is not always straightforward.

We have collected together some of the most effective capture cards for Xbox One that will have you recording your gaming before you know it.

Important Features

To help you make your final decision, we have included some things to keep in mind while you browse our list of the best available capture cards.

  • Image. The main focus here is the highest quality that you can afford. The very least recommended is Full HD but the best option would be a card that records in 4K.
  • The Appropriate Equipment. While the best capture card for Xbox One is the one that can record in the highest quality this will need a corresponding computer that is powerful enough to edit the footage.

This is a common mistake that buyers make when they opt for a capture card that works well with their Xbox One but not with their PC or Mac.

  • Input. All of the capture cards on our list are compatible with an Xbox One by using an HDMI cable connection. If you are opting for a card that is not featured on our list then double check that it will be compatible, even if its description says that it is.

Top 6 Capture Cards for Xbox One Chart

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
1. Elgato Game Capture HD60Unlimited capture directly to PC or Mac.$$$$4.3
2. HDML-Cloner Box by ClonerAllianceNo PC needed to capture.$$4.0
3. AVerMedia Live Gamer PortableTimeshift to record retroactively.$$$$3.7
4. Hauppauge HD PVR RocketBuilt-in microphone to record accompanying commentary.$$$$3.7
5. AVerMedia AVerCapture HDStream Engine for better compatibility with other software.$$$3.7
6. AGPtek Game Capture HD Includes remote control.$3.5

Knowing Which Is the Right Capture Card for Xbox One

A very common error that gamers make is to focus solely on the capabilities of the capture card and not the software that comes with it. There are many features that you should be looking out for when you are deciding between cards and the software included.

  • Live-Streaming. Not all cards come with the ability to live stream the footage. You will have to decide whether you would like to instantly get the gameplay on the Internet or if you are more interested in editing it before releasing the footage.
  • Editing. All of the capture cards on our list will come with software that allows the user to edit the footage. They do, however, differ in how extensive the editing features are. Check these features out before making your final decision.
  • Additional Features. If you are having problems choosing between the cards on our list then you can pay attention to smaller yet highly important features. Some of these aspects include: the ability to add a webcam feed to your gameplay video, highly advanced editing features, and the ability to add commentary later on.

Top 3 Best Capture Card for Xbox One Reviews

1. Game Capture HD60

Sharing your gaming experiences live or recorded is so easy with the Elgato Game Capture HD60 especially when you can do so wirelessly or with a USB or HDMI cord.

This is easily the best capture card for Xbox One because it lets you focus on the TV while you are playing without needing to also keep an eye on what is being recorded or if it is working at the same time.

In such a small and compact package, you get way more than you might have thought possible. Another huge bonus is that this capture card can be used with many different platforms in addition to your Xbox One.

2. HDML-Cloner Box

To use the HDML-Cloner Box you literally just have to press the record button and let it work. It can record the footage onto a PC but that is not necessary as it will also record directly onto a USB drive or any memory stick.

The easy setup and easy use make using this device an absolute breeze, which then also means that you will actually enjoy using it.

There is also the option to buy software that will help prepare the footage to be uploaded online.

3. Live Gamer Portable

The AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable is a capture card that lets you be in control of all of the input and the live gaming that is shared.

The control and the ease of use are two of the most appealing features of this device. There is essentially no lag and you can use it with or without a PC connection.

A great feature is the option to add in commentary into the recording and the play. This can easily be done during or after play which means that you can really stay in control of editing and sharing.